5 Aug 2013

Curator’s Blog – August 5th 2013

Bruce Langridge

The cycle of the seasons has always brought with it highs and lows in terms of garden display. For the first time in a number of years we have experienced enough summer heat for elements of the garden to take on a brown dry hue.

Having instigated considerable amounts of new planting I had been concerned that the dry hot weather of July was going to take its toll on many of the young and yet to establish plants; luckily just as things were beginning to look a little stressed we have had a break in the weather. The recent spell of rain has been most welcome, not least for the areas of newly sown lawn.

[nggallery id=408]There are times when I suffer from the pessimist’s half-empty glass syndrome, I see all the imperfections and all the things that should have happened but did not rather than looking at all the good stuff that has happened. After 36 years of gardening you would think that I should be able to do something about this state of mind. No not a bit of it, I blame my school reports, I suffered the opprobrium of the Headmaster’s stinging words “Could do better”. This it would appear has become part of my own DNA, the trick here is to be able to look at the half-full glass and enjoy that.

Gardening is dynamic and making changes takes time, I am cursed with impatience but driven by vision. In the years to come I hope my vision is realised and that I can share this with our visitors and finally lay to rest the ghost of “Could do better”

Simon Goodenough


5th August 2013