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Plant Pharmacy Patchwork


Inside the Apothecary’s Hall you can find an exhibition of medicinal plants that has been made by the Stitching Botanicals group.

It presents a fascinating selection of British plants that have been recorded as being used to treat illness, both historically, and for some, in the present day.

Plant Pharmacy Patchwork was the first exhibition to emerge from an exciting and evolving project to create a permanent collection of representations of plants in textile for the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Group members include artists, individuals and members of the following groups: Carmarthen Embroiderers, Contexart, Happy Crafters, Itchyfingers, Llandeilo Patchwork and Quilters, Stitches Coven, Swansea Branch of the Embroiderers Guild, Towy Quilters and Wednesday Stitchers. The group meets regularly at the Garden on the first Wednesday of each month. There is no structured teaching at these stitching sessions but help, advice and materials to get started are available.

If you would like to join, please contact Jane Down at  or 01558 667118 for details. The Garden wishes to thank all the stitchers for their hard work, skill and imagination; the Garden library team for technical and reference support; and Nicola Dee Kelly, independent medical herbalist, for her advice and encouragement.


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  1. A very good display .However can not find pictures of individual flowers shown on this page .Difficult to find information initially

    • Thanlks for your supportive comment Frances. We’re sorry about the pictures – we’re having real problems with the website at the moment. But we are working hard to resolve them.