6 Aug 2014

Mainly Moths

Colin Miles

June 17th – Due to my indisposition I have not been able to post anything for the past 7 weeks.  Below is a splendid group of photos that were taken by John James.

Identifying moths is never straightforward as can be seen from the following emails! There are a couple of wrongly-named moths in the blog.  The ‘Forester’ is a ‘Smoky Wainscot’, (Forester is a shiney green moth that John had photographed the week before) and the photo marked ‘Smoky Wainscot’ is the same moth as that marked ‘Ingrailed Clay’.  However whilst IG is what I have written in my book, the photo in the blog is causing me second thoughts, so I’m referring it to Sam Bosanquet. 

Have heard from Sam Bosanquet who thinks my original ID of that moth was correct, so it remains Ingrailed Clay,

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