7 Feb 2015

Visitors Car Park

Colin Miles

Feb 3rd 2015. Another beautifully sunny day, but very cold. Today we were exploring the area in and around the main visitors car park, so some of us walked down and the rest drove there, partly because we didn’t want to get too distracted on the way down!

The car park itself is an interesting example of the way in which man has changed the landscape, diverting the stream which feeds the lakes and creating lots of drainage ditches between the various sections of the car park.
At the time of year there isn’t a lot to report apart from a little bit of ‘birdsong’, the most interesting being the drumming of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. But one of our main aims was to examine the meadows above and around the park, and the first one we came across was at the very top of car park, just below the cycle path – see photo below. Again not a lot to report except for a very interesting cache of Alder cones underneath a sheet of wood, probably belonging to a Field Vole.

Further on around car park we came across a lovely little nest and a nest box whose entrance hole had very clearly been enlarged by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. Worth keeping an eye to see if they return this year.

As usual Peter was able to find some Fungi, including some red Elf cups. These had been very prominent at about this time last year. Indeed on a early signs of Spring walk later in February they had been the only signs of Spring.

Moving on through to the meadow to the right of the main entrance we had to be very careful where we put our feet as everywhere we went there were Daffodils emerging – rather frozen but very much in evidence.

Back inside the Garden itself we watched a pair of Goldcrests by the stream. Visitors should look out for them as they seem to be a permanent feature – as does our Tufted Duck in Pwyll Yr Ardd.

Many thanks as always to John and Peter for their splendid photos. And if any volunteer or member wants to join us please send an email to Jane Down– you DON’T have to be an expert in anything, just interested. If you click on the Wildlife Walks heading on the left-hand side under News you will see a list of the last 10 Wildlife Survey blogs. If you find an injured bird, hedgehog or other wild animal and want help and advice then phone the Gower Bird hospital. on 01792 371630.