3 Mar 2016

Is there really ‘nothing to see’ at this time of year?

Ayshea Cunniffe-Thomas

Daffodils and so much more..

Quite often at this time of year, when I tell people I work at the National Botanic Gardens they say ‘Oh there’s nothing to see’ I beg to differ. On my rare escapes from the clutches of the polytunnel  I find there is always lots going on at any time of year.

I’m not sure if this is because I literally don’t get out much, and so pay more attention, or if I’m just more attuned as to what’s going on around me.

Open your eyes!

There is always plenty to see. From the little heads of the snowdrops just starting to peep out everywhere, the gorgeous straggly petals of the witch hazels on the Broadwalk with their honey-like aroma, to the full on scent assault from the Sarcococca in the Double Walled Garden.

Take a good look around and you’ll be surprised at how much you will find.

Emerging in the polytunnel

Up in the polytunnel where I generally reside there’s always something going on.

At the moment we are focusing on the daffodils. Due to the warm weather we’ve been having a lot of them are already in bloom, and not just in the polytunnel, also around the Garden too.

The Wallace Garden, Broadwalk, Springwoods, these little rays of sunshine are popping their beautiful heads up all over the place!

Take some home

We have potted up hundreds of bulbs through the Autumn and some of them are now on sale in our Y Pot Blodyn plant sales area.

On sale in flower we have the traditional early Narcissus ‘Jersey Pride’ along with the freshly emerging much loved ‘Tenby’ daffodil, along with several others.

With many other varieties on the way, for example Narcissus bulbocodium with it’s dark green, slender spiky leaves and triangular cone-like trumpets to the more unusual Narcissus ‘Pink Silk’ with it’s creamy white petals and it’s sexy peachy pink trumpet. Not to everyone’s taste, I’m sure some traditionalists may even find it offensive, but a quirky beauty for those who may like something a bit out of the ordinary.

So come check out our plant sales area over the coming months, our cosy coffee shop is open all year round, and entrance to plant sales is FREE!