2 Jul 2016

Family fun guaranteed

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

Like anyone preparing for a scorching beach break, we’ve been working very hard on getting in shape for the summer season.

We still offer dreamy lakeside strolls, as well as more serious walking across the estate and down into Pont Felin Gât to see the waterfall. The stunning plantings in the unique and historic Double Walled Garden and Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse are better than ever, as is the Wild Garden, the Welsh Country Walk and, if you haven’t checked on Woods of the World for while, now’s the time to do so. But we are also truly trying to broaden our appeal by offering even more to the family visitor.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed the fantastic new play park – complete with trampoline, zipglide and super swinging hammock – the water zorbing pool, the straw bale maze and the awesome, newly-opened Butterfly House.

And, from today (Saturday July 2nd), we are starting our summer Family Activities, which will be focusing on all manner of fun and games to do with pollination. You can find out how and what a bee sees when he/she looks at the world. And find out, too, which insects choose the flowers they visit not only by scent and colour but also by temperature, humidity and – most weirdly – by electrical charge! There are also bug safaris, art and crafts, dressing up and loads more.

And don’t forget: visit the Garden dressed as a butterfly, bee or bug this summer and admission is FREE!

There will be 100 days of family activities at the Garden this year so you really have no excuse for missing out on the fun and games – of which there will be plenty!

Also, if you visit now, you’ll also be able to buy bunches of the gorgeous sweet pea flowers currently in bloom in the restaurant courtyard and there are bags of spring vegetables from our own organic veg garden for sale there as well (I can tell you the broad beans are delicious!).

So plenty for everyone.

If you haven’t been to the Garden lately, you really should. You’ll be amazed at how much we’ve changed.