5 Jul 2016

Team have fingers crossed

Angharad Phillips

As we near the end of the development phase of our Regency restoration project we are pleased to say that we successfully submitted our second round Heritage Lottery Fund bid on time on the 16th June. But we now have a long wait until the end of September before we will be told whether or not we will be given the funding we have asked for.

Meet the project development team

The project development team includes Helen John – project manager, HollyMae Steane Price – volunteer coordinator and all things outreach, Rachael Hughes – general organiser and administrator and Louise Austin – heritage officer. Helping the team we have a project steering group who have a broad knowledge and extensive experience that we have been able to draw upon.

The finalised project proposal is made up of a detailed programme of landscape restoration that includes repairing dams; re-building bridges; conserving waterfalls, cascades and weirs; managing woodlands and replanting parkland trees; restoring historic paths and carriage drives. Alongside all of this work there will be loads of fun family events and ways to learn and find out more about the Garden’s history and heritage. There will be opportunities to get involved and all sorts of training in skills that will help us to understand and look after our fabulous historic parkland.

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