10 Aug 2016

Little Miss Tiggy: A Year in the Garden

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

Tiggy Emilia Rose keeps a British family and lifestyle blog, capturing her every day moments.

Tiggy – aka Little Miss Tiggy – was born in June 2015, little sister to three big brothers: Fin, Reuben and Will.

We’re very lucky that she loves the Garden, describing it as a “great place” with “plenty to do and see, lots of fun to be had, with events to entertain all ages, even daddies”.

You can see from her photos that she’s a regular visitor and she is now collaborating with us to bring you “A Year In The Garden” featuring an insight into this wonderful place, the people who make it tick, some educational fun facts for children (and possibly for adults too), coverage of our fabulous events and, of course, pictures of the change to the gardens that each season brings.

Keep checking back for monthly updates and an end-of-year round-up.

You will find her blog post here and you can also follow her on Instagram