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The Newlanders Cure


Further to  ‘previous highlights of Sir William Vaughan’s life‘, I think this remedy for scurvy is an essential read! Should anyone decide to try it, feedback please!


Sir William Vaughan  1575 – 1641: ‘The Newlanders Cure’

Middleton Estate connection :

Uncle of Mary Vaughan. Henry Middleton and Mary are thought to have been the first to live in the original Middleton Hall.

Known as:

Welsh writer and pioneer.

Colonisation of Newfoundland :

In an attempt to relieve the overpopulation, poverty and apathy of his fellow countrymen he attempted to colonise land in Newfoundland.

Writer :

One of his books ‘The Newlanders Cure’ was written in 1630 to address some of the ailments suffered by the early settlers.

Cure for scurvy :

Don’t try this at home!

1   change the clothing to clean linen

2   sleep in dry, boarded rooms that have little or no draft

3   beat and burn one acre of land round the dwelling

4   eat only meats which are tender, light of digestion and would not soon be corrupted

5   eat lots of prunes, raisons and currants

6   drams of rhubarbs with cinnamon and sugar five times a day to purge the system

7   have baths of brimstone once a week


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