5 May 2017

Busy post box for fairies

Bruce Langridge

Last week, the sunshine drew me into our Trawscoed hay meadow. I get very excited at this time of year, wondering what and when will be coming into flower.

Having noted the flowering of the lady’s smock, bulbous buttercups and field woodrush, I thought I’d return back through the Fairy Woods.

Seeing the fairy village there, created by the much missed Les Bryan, I wondered if anyone had posted messages into the post box Les made. I’m glad I checked. It was packed with little letters, written on the back of receipts, shopping lists, Garden leaflets and notelets – whatever the grown-ups could find in their pockets.

Some were unreadable, felt-tipped words blurred on damp tissue or written in fairy font, a hieroglyphic style known only to 3-4 year olds.

Others were legible but strange……………..

‘I hope I’m healthy and a monkey’

‘I wish I had powers’

‘I want a horse’

‘I wish I had lots of cats’

There were cute ones ………………………..

‘thank you for giving us presents at Christmas’

‘I really like your woods’

‘We love it here. It is amazing’

‘You are so very magical’

‘Please keep our family healthy and happy’

and some were just mysterious…………….

‘I left 5p by the door’

‘I wish I was a utuber’

The fairies only seem to come out when no-one’s around so I can’t say how they’ll respond. But I think they are friendly fairies as kids are going to Fairy Wood in growing numbers and they make lots of happy sounds.