27 Jul 2017

The Bee Garden Honey

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

The National Botanic Garden of Wales’ Bee Garden

This has been a very special day for the volunteers of the National Botanic Garden’s Bee Garden.

After successfully overwintering all of our Honey Bees, the colonies have built up nicely through spring, we are now out of the swarming season and the bees are busy bringing as much forage as they can.

This has put us in the fortunate position that we need to extract honey from comb to give the bees more space so they can forage for further stores.

At the inspection of the Bee hives this week, we took off our first frames of sealed honey for extraction.

Volunteers Ele, Sonia and Julian were on hand to uncap frames, place them in the radial extractor and spin for all they were worth to extract this liquid gold.

The smell was beautiful and a sneaky taste was heavenly.

Let’s hope this good season continues and we are able to produce lots more honey going forward, so that there is plenty of stock for the Bees to over winter and possibly some to sell.

Watch this space!