23 Apr 2019

Help us to help save the planet

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

Do you want to help save the world?

Well, you could think seriously about supporting good causes that are doing a lot to get to grips with and tackle the issues in a much more practical way.

You won’t get on the six o’clock news by giving a speech from a big pink boat but, then again, you aren’t Emma Thompson.

Here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales there is a huge amount of good work going on in the area of scientific research, in collaboration with partner organisations all over the world.

You could just visit us here in the Garden because every admission fee helps fund our research.

And, while you are here – if you like what you see – you could also make a donation at one of the contactless ‘tap and pay’ donation boxes. There’s one in Lord Foster’s incredible Great Glasshouse and another in the awesome tropical butterfly house, Plas Pilipala.

It’s well worth the trip, too, as our recent ranking as one of the Top 10 Botanic Gardens in the world testifies.

If you would like to know more about the research projects we are involved in, our website is another place we’d be keen for you to visit.

Here you will find out about research into honey bee foraging.

And the work going on to create pollinator-friendly seed mixes that we all can use.

Then there is information about putting out the welcome mat for pollinators in our own backyard by creating bee and bug ‘hotels’ and there are tips on how to garden – and what plants to grow – in ways that will assist pollinators

If you cannot make it to the Garden, you can always contribute via JustGiving to our Help Save Pollinators project.

Many thanks for your time and, we hope, your donation.