1 Jul 2019

Silent Space

Bruce Langridge


Whisper to your friends and family, ‘there’s a new Silent Space at the Botanic Garden’.

If you come to the Garden for a relaxing day in a beautiful setting, there may be times when it feels rather busy and noisy. There are plenty of places to take yourself off to find your peace and serenity but you might want to try out our new Silent Space.

Located next to Llyn Canol, at the bottom of the Wild Garden, in this Silent Space we ask you to stop talking, turn off your phone and camera, and switch off from social media. There are no other rules.

As a reward, you’ll find a nice seat on a circular metal sculpture, lovely views across the lake and a rather special world of natural sound. The trill of dabchicks, zippiness of damselflies, susurration of trees, drone of dragonflies, plop of fish, croak of a frog or, if you’re really lucky, ripples from a surfacing otter.

All this has been inspired by the Silent Space movement which can be found across parks, gardens and green spaces across the UK. As their lovely website says,

‘as we connect with nature, we also connect more deeply with ourselves’.

Let me know what you think about our Silent Space.