11 Sept 2019

Plant Focus: Alchemilla mollis

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

Plant Focus by Ben: Alchemilla mollis

Today, I really felt that autumn is coming. Looking around the Garden, the leaves are just starting to turn, the flowers are all starting to go past their best, and the grasses and foliage plants are starting to come into their own, and the weather meant that it felt like I was being surrounded by a wet towel. This is when a clump of Alchemilla caught my eye. A little plant, that you would likely walk past for most of the year, suddenly was covered in jewels of water. Reflecting everything around it thousands of times. Sprays of yellow flowers also poke up through the foliage, and just add to the display. Great as an edging plant, mixed into a boarder, or used as an under-planting for roses. With the ability to self-seed, this plant will quickly fill out to give you a glistening carpet on those damp mornings.

Growing well in all conditions (as long as there is some moisture), this plant requires little maintenance. Cut back the dead foliage in late winter, to allow the new growth to come up. To propagate, either collect seed and sow into a cold frame in spring, or divide the clumps in spring or autumn.