24 Feb 2020

Live Well Growers – Paula’s perspective

Amy Henderson

Tucked away in a little corner of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we are a group of people recovering from brain injury and Neurological illness.

Supported by Hywel Dda University Health Board Brain Injury and Complex Neurological Therapy Service, we get together every week to participate in a therapeutic gardening group, share support, laughs and ideas while growing vegetables and developing our community garden.

Hi! It’s Paula here.

This is a photo of some of us Live Well Growers having a well earned hot drink and catch up after gardening last week.

It is such a beautiful place to garden and has a lovely relaxed and tranquil atmosphere which is so good for people with brain injuries. The plethora of wildlife is lovely. Since I’ve joined the group we’ve had voles, a toad, robins ducking and diving, like they do, asking for worms and grubs to be thrown for them, and back in the summer, there were loads of cinnabar moth caterpillars. There are many more creatures and birds around us too.

Because we all share the gardening and pace ourselves I find it a very therapeutic task.

The wildlife and beauty surrounding us also adds to this. And getting to take home the products of our labour to eat is fantastic.

My next task will be to make some homemade slug traps using some old bakers yeast in water to attract the slugs and keep them away from chomping at our produce. We garden organically so no nasty chemicals here.