2 Mar 2020

Live Well Growers – Mark takes a tongue in cheek view on the work of the Group

Amy Henderson

Tucked away in a little corner of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we are a group of people recovering from brain injury and Neurological illness.

Supported by Hywel Dda University Health Board Brain Injury and Complex Neurological Therapy Service, we get together every week to participate in a therapeutic gardening group, share support, laughs and ideas while growing vegetables and developing our community garden.

Hi, its Mark here I’m part of the Live Well Growers.

Me and my mate Dave were lured into this cult with promises of wine ( there are grapes in the garden ) and cider (there are apples in the garden ) which never materialised.

We were then immediately put to work (manual labour) with absolutely no reimbursement whatsoever. We were told we could eat the fruits of our labour but some of it takes months to appear. There are a number of poor souls equally trapped on this merry-go-round of horticultural despair.

They have now acquired more tools in order for us to work harder with promises of a shelter from the weather if we finish our tasks. Me and Dave have magically or conveniently “disappeared” from the group photo. I think conspiracy is a strong word but suspicions have been aroused. Is the National Botanic Garden of Wales in “the know” or do we need to take action ourselves? Anybody with any suggestions please get in touch.

Mind you I should add that before coming to this group I was struggling badly. The therapeutic and nurturing environment has helped my recovery no end and my sense of humour is returning too!