3 Mar 2020

Virtual Reality Tour of Paxton’s Mansion

Angharad Phillips

Virtual Reality Tour of Paxton’s Mansion

Experience Middleton Hall like never before

The new Middleton Hall was commissioned by Sir William Paxton and built 1793 – 1795. One of the greatest tragedies of Middleton Estate is the burning down of Paxton’s New Middleton Hall in 1931. The mansion was all but gutted, with only some of the original building stone salvageable. In the years following the fire, the site was used a playground for the local children until it was finally demolished in the 1950s. The servants quarters – what we now refer to as Principality House – was unaffected by the fire and so this 200 year old Regency building, albeit with modifications still remains today.

Where the original mansion would have stood is now a life-sized footprint of the ground floor of the mansion where you can explore the floor plans of what would have been the ground floor of the three story mansion housing the following rooms: Breakfast Room, Eating Room, Drawing Room, Stairs, Cabinet, Gentlemen’s Room, Hall and Library.

There is a plethora of old photographs depicting what the mansion once looked like, including that on the 1815 Hornor painting, however, when you are standing on the footprint, it can be challenging to imagine just how big and how grand the mansion once was….. Well, that was until now and our Virtual Reality re-construction of Paxton’s Mansion!!

Domingos Studios have reconstructed the mansion utilising 3D applications based on historical photographs and plans and re-created it as it would have looked at the time it was built in the 1700s. Further to this, they have also re-constructed the drawing room as it would have looked during the time of the Abadam family during the early 1900s.

There are now nineQR codes on the ground around the mansion footprint and when you scan the code the mansion appears right before your very eyes! As you move from one QR code to the other, different views of the mansion appear and it is as if you are standing outside the mansion as it was,  about to ring the doorbell and have luncheon with Paxton.

However, you don’t have to be at the footprint to experience this VR! Click on the link below and it will take you to the experience. Use your mouse to navigate your way around each location and be immersed in Paxton’s New Middleton Hall