17 Jul 2020

Guide to July’s Wildflowers

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

In July, meadows have reached maturity and the wildflowers of late spring have waned and set seed. The grasses are tall and lush and sway in the gentle breeze, sheltering the mammals and insects that live in the undergrowth.

A new wave of deeply coloured plants populates the meadow. Rich purple from knapweed and betony compliment the golden yellow of lady’s bedstraw and meadow vetchling.

The rich variety of plants supports a mass of insects – it’s boom time for bees and butterflies.

Along road verges field scabious nods its head to passing cars. While hogweed and bramble begin to dominate hedgerows.

We’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most common and beautiful wildflowers you can find in July, which you can download below. With an abundance of wildflowers around now, this is an excellent time to practice your identification skills.

We’ll be publishing more guides throughout the year and giving you more tips to help your identification skills.

You’re welcome to tag @BiophilicWales or @WatersElliot into photos of wildflowers on twitter that you’ve seen, or you need help with identifying!

Download: July Wildflower Guide