15 Sept 2020

Welcome to Autumn

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

Welcome to Autumn 

The days are getting shorter and the air has started to develop a bit of a chill.  By looking at the trees we can start to see some subtle colour changes and the odd flash of reds and ambers, yes, autumn is just around the corner. With that brings new jobs to do, new plants to enjoy, and the best time of year to make big changes and redesigns.

Over the coming weeks we are going to see some beautiful changes in colour and the skeletal structures of the trees and shrubs are going to start to show themselves, but what should we be doing to prepare for the coming months?

Firstly, tis the season of cutting back and pruning so make sure your secateurs are sharp, sharp, sharp! Blunt tools are dangerous, needing more pressure to work and therefore more likely to make you slip and damage yourself and the plant.  Try and use this week to give your trusty snips a good deep clean and some TLC, bringing them back up to as sharp as you can ready for their use over the coming months.

While we are thinking about tools, why not give your spades and forks a good clean and make sure that the handles are nice and sturdy. On top of that, run a file across the tines and blade of your digging aids, getting them nice and sharp ready to cut through the soil with ease. If you have wooden handled tools, a quick rub down with some wire wool followed by a coat or two of boiled linseed oil will do them wonders and stop them from getting worn out in the harsh weather that’s to come.

With the leaves falling, it poses a possible complication to any water you have in your garden, take this week to net over the top of any ponds before the leaves start to drop, making it a lot quicker and easier to clean up throughout the season, it also makes the spring clean of the ponds a lot less silty!

Finally, take the time to sit back and enjoy your garden and connect with nature, after spending all summer working on it, carefully tending to your beds and plots, sit back and enjoy your work before things get busy again over the autumn. It’s important to realise the work that you have done and not just fuss over the small details that we all hang up on, enjoy the changing seasons and take pleasure in your own space, no matter the size or location.

Ben Wilde

Horticultural Trainer