27 Oct 2020

Live Well Growers Return – Paula Reports

Amy Henderson

How great was it to be able to be back in the Garden again, and what glorious weather we had too: such a treat.

It was lovely to see everyone and I’m glad to say that we all looked the same, although I am still astounded at Iwan’s brilliant improvement.  (Iwan, who used a wheelchair when he joined the Live Well Growers, strode confidently into the garden this week unaided after a summer of wonderful recovery ).

Nature, doing what it does best, had staged a serious take over , so the garden was very overgrown in the six or seven months we had to stay away. We all did our bit starting to clear weeds, some of which were almost as tall as my shoulders but I am a shortie so that is easily done. Carl and I started clearing the raised beds and Iwan started clearing the entrance way. Carl also picked some apples which were huge. The strawberry plants in the raised beds, however, have thrived during our absence although some little furries no doubt enjoyed the fruit. Hopefully this will mean a bountiful harvest next year.

We all socially distanced and spoke in raised voices so we could be heard over the 2+ metre void between each other haha. Stepping back or side-stepping out of the way so people could pass reminded me a bit of playing musical chairs.

I can’t wait to go back again. I think the area will be strimmed back by then which will be great. It will mean we can concentrate on preparing the vegetable beds ready for planting. We need to research which vegetables are sturdy enough for planting at this time of year.