23 Nov 2020

Live Well Growers – Amy’s Bug Hunt

Amy Henderson

I love my job.

National Botanic Garden of Wales Facilitator of the Live Well Growers (or at least I think that’s my title!).

Not sure hiding a dead giant female stick insect and telling everyone to be on the lookout for it because it has “escaped into the garden“ is part of the job description but it was A lot of fun. A few slightly worried faces looking over and under and everywhere. Even better when our wonderful “leader“, occupational therapist Tanya O’Sullivan “found it“ with such a look of pride! He he he!!!

And on a similar bug related theme, snails have loved lockdown in our garden. Iwan became a snail whisperer extraordinaire with a slightly macabre twist at the end. I’ll spare you the details.
And then there was weeding.
And there was strimming.
And there were fresh herbs.
And there was tea and chat and plans and good connections.

Thank you all for a great day.