29 May 2021

Live Well Growers – Amy

Amy Henderson

Life after lockdown.

Having visited the garden earlier in the week to see the extent of jungle-ness, I informed the group that we would be hiring a range of combine harvester type machines to tackle the new and improved lockdown jungle.
Protective clothing, hard wearing gloves, chainsaws, strimmers  and anything of that ilk were to be highly encouraged.
However joy of joys we arrived on our first Wednesday back to find James from the gardens had strimmed the lot! What a lovely surprise. Thankyou from us all. The Sun was shining, the apple blossom was out, the grass was cut, we couldn’t see the weeds and potential abounded  all around.
We were also so happy to have been given some funding for a polytunnel and some accessible gardening tools. The polytunnel will mean the garden will be an all-weather space as we can shelter from the rain and drink tea (I mean plant seeds and do horticultural type things).
As ever we laughed a lot,
Shared stories,
Planned new veg beds and sent the combine harvesters back to the depot.