28 May 2021

Return of the Live Well Growers – Cathy’s Blog

Amy Henderson

So 12th May was the day we returned to our Live Well group! It was a beautiful day, in so many ways!

It was mid December when we were last there. A cold winters day, then the group went home, not thinking it would be 6 months before we would meet up again. Covid! Reared it’s head and put payed to our plans for our garden!
We were all so happy to be back, the Gardeners’ from  the Botanic Gardens, had kindly cut the grass for us. It was a sight for sore eyes! The apple trees were blossoming after a severe pruning last Autumn. The gooseberry bush and the black currant bush were flowering. All of them promising fruit in late Summer/early Autumn.
The beds needed weeding, so we got stuck into that with a vengeance!
A couple of small trees needed moving, to make way for our new poly tunnel. When Hannah and the men were doing this, they found a toad, who croaked a welcome back to us, then disappeared into the undergrowth to tell the other roads that the humans were back!

All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon, though a couple of our regulars Dave and Paula were missing, but they’ll be back this week to help with moving our garden on!