2 Jun 2021

Live Well Growers – One little bed in a sea of green

Amy Henderson

All our vegetable beds have been invaded and conquered.

Disappeared into the lockdown spread of grasses and wild flowers. Just the little garlic bed left standing  (the only one with a boxed edge hence  giving it some additional defence). So we are feeling very proud of that little bed for standing firm.

The wildlife are of course loving  it.

We found our resident toad this week. He must be getting sick and tired of being carted around on a hand or the end of a spade every Wednesday afternoon while we give him or her some doses of awe and wonder.

The weeding and sorting out continued as well as raiding the skip for pallets to make a wood store. Hoping to do some cooking over a fire once we get settled. Well marsh mallows at least.

As ever a lovely afternoon in the Live Well Growers garden. Thankful for the beautiful space within the National Botanic Garden Of Wales, the flowers, the birds, the company , the laughter, the stories and the tea.