27 Sep 2021

Live Well Growers – Kevin and the Beanstalk

Amy Henderson

We meet every Wednesday at the botanic gardens to do planting, weeding and talking about what we’ve done.

Yesterday I planted runner beans and put in canes with four each side which are tied together to have the plants growing up.

We are planning to erect the polytunnel soon for us to work in it when it’s raining. Every Wednesday I wake up knowing that I’m going to be at the gardens with people that I’ve met there that have similar injuries, so I can talk to them about what’s happened to them.

In the mornings I can’t wait to go.

Since I’ve been there it’s helped me by making me feel a lot better before I started going.

I wasn’t doing any manual work to help my body to get better but since doing the gardens it has helped me a lot. Everybody there loves going and if we could stay there for longer we would.