27 Sept 2021

Live Well Growers – Paula: It is my happy place.

Amy Henderson

We had fantastic news today. Soon the entry to our garden will be levelled and paths created so our lovely garden will be accessible to everyone whether or not they are mobile, and we can have our polytunnel up.


Today was a busy day. All the tomatoes and beetroot from the ‘pizza bed’ were harvested and the bed was cleared and prepared for its next crop. We found one rogue potato that just begged to be made into a chip to go with a pizza. A mountain of runner beans were harvested which meant we all had loads to take home. The peas are flowering and the cucumbers are flourishing, and we had two huge bucketfuls of apples which prompted discussion what to do with them. Apple crumble seemed to be the favourite suggestion followed by apple cake, apple juice and even cider as a pipe dream.

The herbs are enjoying the weather as are the strawberry plants, which have become so abundant that we are having to keep on top of them to stop them taking over. The borage and nasturtiums are still in bloom and looking pretty and the borage in particular has been abuzz with bees. Talking of black and gold flying things, there were a few hornets enjoying some fallen apples. Much to everyone’s relief Amy from the Garden bravely removed the apples. It then prompted discussion as a few members of the group have had hornets in their gardens.

I absolutely adore coming to the garden.

Although it is fatiguing for me, it is worth it. I physically feel my shoulders relax as I enter. Not only is it a beautifully tranquil place, but I get satisfaction of growing and nurturing food to eat, and being surrounded by nature is very grounding and therapeutic in its own right. But just as importantly, the people are lovely. It is the only place I go where we all understand what it feels like to live with a brain injury. It is a nice and unique place where you can talk to others about how you are and they understand.

The emotional support is second to none. And the staff who are there to support and aid us are amazingly caring and supportive as well as knowledgeable.

It is my happy place.