2 Sept 2021

Live Well Growers – Pizza time

Amy Henderson

We are growing pizza!

Our first planting of the year is a pizza bed of tomatoes, onion, basil, rocket and of course the very hard to grow and seldom seen buffalo mozzarella cheese plants!

It was lovely to actually start some planting for the summer. Usually we have way too many seedlings ready to go but lockdowns have slightly put us back. However where there’s a will there’s a way and there’s certainly lots of Very good will here.

In other news Dave made a step.

We started stacking wood in our new woodshed. We can see strawberries coming and red currents and groceries. Our culinary master Carl Will soon be tasked to make a crumble for us all (although he doesn’t know that yet).

We also welcomed new member Ashley to the group who got stuck in straightaway having done a fair bit of gardening in the past. And student occupational therapist Tom has joined the group for six weeks and obviously we gave him all the hard jobs!

Then there were cups of tea at the end of another lovely session in the Live well growers garden.

What’s not to like.