17 Jan 2022

The Angelic Host of Live Well Growers

Amy Henderson

Happy New year to all. The group started the year with fantastic news.

The much longed for accessible paths around the garden have been completed.  It’s a total game changer and transforms our little garden area into a place where everyone can get everywhere!  This is so lovely especially for our growers who use a wheelchair and were previously limited to the patio area. Much thanks go to Paul in the Education Department who always supports the dream and moved us to a point where funding was secured and allocated to us!!  Very thankful.


As we haven’t blogged for a while I cant write this without recalling our last session of the year.

Tradition and festive ritual have set in.   Make a wreath and then,  for no sensible reason that I can think of, have a photo taken wearing it like a halo.  Every year.  We now have 4 years of pictures of The Angelic Host of Live Well Growers.  What’s not to like!!

Some different faces and some the same.  But always a wonderful way to wish each other Happy Christmas or Happy Holiday before the break.  The wreaths were totally fantastic as well.  We foraged from our Live Well Grower garden and from the  piles of brush and foliage cut by the horticultural teams and set aside for composting.  The results were beautiful and mine has been hung on the front door over Christmas reminding me of the group and the privilege of working with wonderful people and sharing the laughs and being inspired by the stories of recovery and challenges our group members face.

I know it gets said every time someone writes or talks about the Live Well Growers,  but it truly is a special place where mutual support is given and received from people who understand brain injury because they have experienced brain injury.

It seems from my point of view that this is a very powerful thing.  Add the garden itself, the hands in the earth, the growing of the seeds and being a part of the garden’s annual journey and it’s a powerful healing medicine.  Right there, free for the taking and not in a bottle.