4 May 2022

Guide to May’s Wildflowers

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

The woodland flowers of spring can still be enjoyed in the first half of May, but as the leaves grow and woodland canopy closes over the action begins to move into the open air. In shaded patches, deep-pink red campion takes over from the bluebells dramatic display.

Hedgerows come alive with an eruption of cow parsley which seems to spring up overnight and is complimented by the white and pink tones of hawthorn blossom.

Along grassy road verges, dandelions are joined by ribwort plantain and bright, white oxeye daisy. With many verges left unmown this year, they are some of the best places to look for wildflowers.

Out in the meadow, creeping, bulbous and meadow buttercups fill the landscape. Whilst red clover provides a bounty of nectar and pollen for early bumblebees.

We’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most common and beautiful wildflowers you can find in May, which you can download below. With an abundance of wildflowers around now, this is an excellent time to practice your identification skills.

We’ll be publishing more guides throughout the year and giving you more tips to help your identification skills.

You’re welcome to tag @BiophilicWales or @WatersElliot into photos of wildflowers on twitter that you’ve seen, or you need help with identifying!

Download: May Wildflower Guide