1 Jun 2022

Guide to June’s Wildflowers

Ardd Fotaneg · Botanic Garden

The warmth and long days in early summer generate a bounty of wildflowers. Grasslands and hay meadows awaken with a rich diversity of plant and insect life. From chalk grasslands on high escarpments to wet meadows along valley floors, they are a treat for all to enjoy.

Yellow rattle, known as the ‘meadow-maker’, saps the strength from grasses and allows wildflowers to flourish, resulting in swathes of colour from buttercups, ox-eye daisies and many others.
Striking and rare orchids provide dramatic colour and mysterious forms – if you’re lucky enough to find them. Traditional meadows are much rarer than they once were but are worth a journey to see our richest habitats.

The iconic poppy colours the edges of arable fields, where the disturbance allows their seeds to germinate. Hedgerows are still full of colour and are overlooked by impressive stands of foxgloves. Brambles and dog-rose bloom with delicate tones surrounded by threatening thorns, perfect for protecting nesting songbirds.

We’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most common and beautiful wildflowers you can find in June, which you can download below. With an abundance of wildflowers around now, this is an excellent time to practice your identification skills.

Download: June Wildflower Guide