8 Aug 2022

Live Well Growers – Darren Signs the Way

Amy Henderson

I had an idea to make a sign as a way of giving back to all the people who use the garden to help them rehabilitate like I have.

I have really appreciated the communication and activities like giving ideas about gardening and planting and it’s so nice to take back this knowledge into our lives at home. I have used the information and knowledge to continue my rehabilitation at home where I live in Ty Arfryn where I have been working in the garden which is now full of vegetables, and I also built a chicken run where 4 hens now live giving us eggs.

My rehab in the Botanic Gardens began in 2018 and has transformed my life and is everything to do with how I eat now. Veggies are part of my life all time now and I love having the healthy diet.

I wanted to make a meaningful sign for all of us.

It’s amazing being with everyone in our group and being around people in the exact same situation. It’s for the group and represents what the group has done for us all and it’s extremely touching that we have been able to do rehab there which will benefit us for rest of our lives.

As I’m moving on in life, I wanted to give back and create a lasting reminder of all I have gained from this group. I hope the sign will inspire other people to use the garden to help them rehab like I have.