16 Nov 2022

Live Well Growers · Andrew

Amy Henderson


Well I can’t believe I am coming to the end of my second session (summer / autumn) with the Live Well Growers group. It’s gone so fast.

We have been really busy over the summer and autumn and have reaped the benefits with some lovely vegetables being grown. We have all shared the harvest and the laughs. Monty Don would be proud of us.

We have eventually put up the polytunnel and what a great place it has proven to be. We shelter in it from the rain and have our tea and cake breaks in there. It’s also where we have great discussions on our health, progress, plans, and world affairs are sorted out.

It is great to meet up regularly and we continue to bond as a group.

I see the improvements my friends are making and them growing in confidence.

The team of therapy staff and botanical staff have again been our rocks. So, so supportive.

“ it’s a happy place”