21 Dec 2022

Live Well Growers – the reflections of Jo

Amy Henderson

A really big thankyou to Luminate who invited the Live Well Growers to Luminate.

Colds and Covid sadly keep some of us away like Andrew who wrote ….” Hi everyone. Gutted I couldn’t make the show . It looked great😊. A lovely gesture from the botanic gardens.

Tried switching the lights on and off 20 times quickly  in my living room last night,, but it didn’t have the same effect !!!”

But those that wrapped up warm on a cold and frosty evening enjoyed so much.

Here are the reflections of Jo…

It was a lovely offering of free tickets to our Live Well Growers Group and in addition, we could take a plus one to go to Luminate. Been looking forward to going for a couple of weeks and was taking my son Lewis with me. Although it was sad that not everybody could make it, it was still a very enjoyable night. The lights looked fantastic everywhere and on the way around while taking in all the lights.

We had a chance to follow a light sequence by ringing bells to try and chin the song Jingle Bells when we saw our colour. Myself, Kevin and Owen, and his plus one, tried and were told we did well and that’s because we are a good team.

The Great Glasshouse was really good; looking out high and low for the fairies and their little gardens.  I think one of my favourite things was watching all the lights on the house it was amazing. Sat down then to have a luxury hot chocolate and a cinnamon swirl with Kevin and Fiona.  That was very nice.  I wish I’d gone a bit further and toasted some marshmallows too.

Although our gardening group meets up every Wednesday, and we talk, laugh and eat and do some work, it felt a bit extra special to have the opportunity to go with my second family to the Luminate, so thank you very much all.