25 Jan 2023

Conservation Volunteers Observations

Conservation Volunteers

Still and very sunny, but temperature just above freezing.

Investigated Badger trails in the Bamboo ‘Forest’ leading to North Lodge and came across a fallen tree which we thought was Ash covered with King Alfred’s Cakes Daldinia concentrica along most of the 30 ft length.

Hazel – After a cold clear night there were no moths. The oak tree and the ash tree both had a lovely shape and there were leaf buds staring to show on the copper beech.

Chris – We spotted a single goldcrest foraging on the ivy of one of the trees in the wooded border on the left of the lane as we approached the fence into North Lodge wood. When we returned from the ‘badger hunt’, we saw another one just before the exit gate of the wood (possibly the same one).  Always nice to see a goldcrest.

Nicki and me followed a well-established trail from the bottom end of Cae Trawscoed into the bamboo woods of North Lodge up to the wire fence.

Lunch was upstairs in the restaurant where we discussed whether John’s fox videos was a hare or a rabbit.