24 Feb 2023

Conservation Volunteers’ observations – birds, moths and fungi

Conservation Volunteers

14-2-2023: A lovely sunny day, about 10C and with a light breeze.

Colin and Chris – We first went through Trawscoed Meadow and saw a wren in the blackthorn hedges opposite the seat where Bruce and Keith were sitting.  The song thrushes are doing well along the lake spur but no blackbirds there where we always see them – maybe they are nesting. On Llwn Mawr, six Canada geese including a couple of what could be this year’s Goslings, though perhaps a little early, and further on another three which were almost certainly last year’s brood.  Up into Pont Felin Gat and beyond the top bridge, a dunnock, great, blue and coal tits and – best of all – a marsh tit not more than a dozen feet away, so we got a good view of it.  Out into parkland for the NFU farmland count and very little activity.  Magpies in the far distance, a buzzard and red kite flying overhead, a couple of crows and a robin singing in the hedge.  Walking a hundred yards or so into the field, we noted distinct badger trails – not good news for the skylarks and other ground-nesting birds.  Coming back through Trawscoed Wood, lots of snowdrops.

Jean – John and I went to Trawscoed with Colin and Chris where we identified several chaffinch, two blue tits, a carrion crow, blackbird and song thrush near the entrance to the field. There were many molehills (where the orchids usually appear). Colin and Chris went on to the waterfall and John and I teamed up with Bruce and Keith. Keith showed us the badger trails and on the return Bruce and John identified the different birdsongs.

Peter – Acting as a guide to old friends and former pupils of Ystalyfera Grammar School (now Cwmtawe Comprehensive), I found two fungi on the pathway to Llyn Felin Gat. The weather was perfect and the group thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

Vicky – Lizard basking on the oak stump in Trawscoed Meadow

The Moth group – Hazel, Gilly, Maud, Jan and Frances. Three Moths, a common quaver, hebrew character and a dotted border which took some time to identify – well done, Jan.

Marie – Fred, Inger and myself saw these flowers and catkins on the hazel tree which is growing about a hundred yards past the Ice House.

We had to look very closely before we could see them.  However, we saw many on a hazel tree which is growing on the edge of Springwoods.