1 Feb 2023

Conservation Volunteers Observations January 24th 2023

Conservation Volunteers

Cold – 2C, grey cloud, no sunshine but no wind.

Colin – Today (or thereabouts) was what we hope will be an annual event, measuring the circumference of the trees we have been monitoring over the past four years.  By doing this we hope to be able to determine how well they are growing.  To do this, we split up into two groups and, armed with long tape measures, attempted to measure each tree at the requisite 1.5 m from the base or the ‘highest’ level.  This is not easy to do and, in the case of the two oaks and the alder, ivy branches were a big hindrance. And with some trees it was not possible to measure at 1.5 m and, where there were ivy branches, or in the case of the birch and the goat willow where there were several stems, measurements were made at the base and along one of the stems.  Photos were taken of all the measurements in the hope that future measurements can be made at the same points each year.

This is very much a long-term project which may be of more benefit to future generations than to us.

Nicky – still looking out for signs of badger activity, this time in and around the old ‘Growing the Future’ field.  Associated with the sett by the corporate entrance, John, Angela and I observed a badger trail leading under the fence into a field and noted its exit from the scrub alongside the road fence, from this the path forked and although we followed each, they were obliterated by newly strewn hay bales.  There was other possible, diggings/scrapings further towards the bee hives.

Marie –  fungi found on fallen logs near the peace statue and some snowdrops emerging near Springwoods.

Hazel – Hellebores opening out in the bed opposite the Rock of Ages. Snowdrops on the banks of Springwoods. Three robins begging for food one of them hovering in front of me, so Gilly & I fed them biscuit crumbs near the bandstand.

Lunch again upstairs in the caffi.