15 Feb 2023

Live Well Growers – Shed talk from Clive

Amy Henderson

With generous funding support from our lovely home in the National Botanic Garden of Wales,  Amy Henderson is in the process of ordering a shed for the Live Well Growers.

Its position will be just up from the polytunnel, slightly higher on an incline. The dimensions will be 6 ft by 4ft.

The purpose of the shed will be for storage of tools which will release some space for other uses in the poly tunnel.

There is a possibility of needing to paint the shed for protection.  We are currently in the process of preparing a solid base before it is delivered.  The large and very heavy slabs were kindly brought up to us on the back of a mini truck after an employee of the gardens found us looking wistfully at 9 perfect slabs that we couldn’t lift!

And then there were doughnuts.