9 Mar 2023

Conservation Volunteers’ Observations – frog spawn, mole hills and recorder forms

Conservation Volunteers

21st February

Cold, about 6C and drizzly to start with though it stopped later on whilst still remaining very dull and dismal.

At the start we congregated in the Hwb to listen to what one of the students, Neryse had been doing. A massive job of trying to collect together all of the Botanic Garden records that there are since it opened, and before as there were various other surveys done by Jan, amongst others. She also showed us the record sheet that she had been working on to collect future records, a work in progress.  We then dispersed to different areas of the Botanic Garden and Waun Las in order to try out the recording sheet.

Colin, Fred and John – Yet more Mole hills in Cae Trawscoed, but all rather quiet, reflecting the dismal weather.  Even more Mole Hills in Cae Trawscoed, which seems to be part of a big trend this year as they are appearing everywhere you look throughout the county. A brief glimpse of a Jay at the bottom of the Meadow, the 9 Canada Geese still on Llyn Mawr, but no sign of the Dipper or any Yellow Wagtails on the streams and waterfalls.

Hazel, Gilly and Frances – Celandine leaves and Dogs Mercury flowers out along the edges of Spring Woods’ path. Very large Mole hills behind the Cherry Trees opposite the Japanese Garden. Frog Spawn in the pools either side of the bridge over the Bog Garden, definitely a first for that area.  Crocuses appearing around the Great Glasshouse.

Jean – Observed a Jay in the main car park. There was no frog spawn in Pwll yr Ardd. I saw two goldfinches in the Bog Garden

28th February

Another cold, dull day, about 6 – 8C, though with little wind.

We met in the Hwb again and, as it was ten years since the Conservation group started, we agreed to meet in the Great Glasshouse at lunch time to quietly celebrate that fact.

Then we dispersed to continue with recording sheets, though again everything was rather quiet.

Nicky and Angela – Managed to access Cae Waun today and although very little floral observation, several birds were heard  (by Angela) including a great woodpecker drilling.  We visited the Wych Elm on the arboretum, noting flowers emerging.  While there, we observed a common lizard  an open grassy south facing slope.  It was a cool wind but there would have been sun traps.

Maud, Gilly, Frances and Hazel – 7 Moths, 3 species, 5 Hebrew Characters, Clouded Drab and a Small Quaker.

Heather – In my gentle wander I saw early wood violet at the bottom of the lane next to apothecary garden as well as lesser celandine and common primrose in dozens of places. Snowdrops are going over.