3 Apr 2023

Conservation Volunteers’ Observations – wolf spiders and lizards

Conservation Volunteers

14th March – wolf spiders and lizards

From Maud, Gilly, Frances & Hazel – After a coldish windy night with some heavy showers the morning of the 14th turned out lovely and sunny though not especially warm, about 9C.

And we had 16 moths-  4 species comprising 9 Hebrew Characters, 4 Small Quakers, 2 Common Quakers & a Clouded Drab.

Vicky – Wolf Spiders in Cae Trawscoed. An average of 5 Spiders seen on every step taken.

Nicky – Saw a Lizard basking in the Sun on the Oak Stump.

Heather – Yes, lovely morning. Couple of nuthatches, a tree creeper and the common lizard in the fallen oak. Sorry no photos

21st March – chiffchaff, jays and elf cups

A cloudy and rather cold day – about 4C.

Colin and Fred – went up to the large waterfall.  Saw and interesting standing wave in the first waterfall.  The usual ‘hordes’ of Chaffinches were absent and Llyn Mawr had only a couple of Mallards. No Canada  Geese and no sign of their Poo! Heard a Chiffchaff but generally very quiet everywhere.

Angela – Went with Marie and Inger to the hazel beyond the ice house. Saw and heard a chiffchaff and two jays. Peter joined us and showed us numerous scarlet elf caps in the Hazel Wood.

Frances Maud, Gilly & Hazel –  Primroses & Dog’s Mercury flowering on the bank of Springwoods near the Pear tree. Also gorse starting to flower. Cowslip almost out by the wall near the bee garden. Frogspawn in the Bog Garden obviously dead and no sign of tadpoles. A dandelion in the flowerbed opposite Anne’s Wood. Lots of daisies on the Ash tree lawn on Millennium Square.