29 Jun 2023

Conservation Volunteers Observation – owls, bats and Old Mother Shipton moth

Bruce Langridge

From 16th May by Jan, Gilly & Hazel:

Going along the edge of Spring Woods the hawthorn trees were in various stages of blossom – just coming out at the Apothecary’s Garden end, more blossom half way along and full bloom by Anne’s Wood.

There were some dame’s violets opposite the pear tree and also solomon’s seal in full flower.

There were blackbirds flying in and out of a nest in the cliff face opposite the Tropical Glasshouse.

A bank of germander speedwell opposite the Bee Garden.

Possibly a bank vole hole near Anne’s Wood.

The alder tree was now in leaf but not looking good as the leaves were thinly spread.

From Colin, Gary, Heather and Nicky:  We spent the morning putting up Gary’s flower signs in Cae Trawscoed Meadow.  Lots of southern marsh and common spotted orchids.  Spent a lot of time looking for the butterfly orchids and eventually found a few in bud and leaf around the first lone bush not far from entrance – not one of the ‘usual’ places, so they are continuing to spread.

From John:

There were thousands of eggs in the Mirror Pond above the Rill which I thought were tadpoles.

But I’m fact turned out to be recently hatched out    SNAILS trapped up in the blanket weed !

A starling  has made a nest in a hole above the door of the ”Cwtch ” ice cream shop. Chis saw the mother flying in and then afterwards. Saw this gap in the eaves in the courtyard where a robin has found a gap between  the plaster and the weatherboard

From Chris:

Pont Felin Gat. Grey wagtail feeding young in vicinity of stepped weir, adjacent to mineral water bath. Higher up towards waterfall, immature grey wagtail being tended to by parent birds.

I went over to Cae Blaen to check nest boxes: 0/4 occupancy.

Fox  ran off in the meadow, brimstone flew below bat house. Evidence of nests inside eaves of bat house, mossy constructions, but no birds about .

Pair of stonechats seen at top end of Cae Blaen.

Coming back up eastern side of Llyn Mawr, pair of whitethroats in corner of mown field, amongst bramble/hawthorn patch.

From Frances and Colin: May 23rd: The grassy area below the Great Glasshouse was full of insect life including a dozen or more common blue butterflies , a soldier beetle Cantharis rustica, a thick legged flower beetle , 3 burnet companion moths and best of all a Mother Shipton moth which I’ve never seen before .There was also another butterfly that looked rather like a dingy skipper but couldn’t be certain and wondered if it has been seen by anyone else ?

Vicky – saw Rhynchites betuleti, a leaf-rolling weavil that specialises in rolling whole leaves of hazel.

From Chris – 23rd May

1)bridge at head of Llyn Mawr: greater spotted woodpecker on top guard rail.

2)rapids below waterfall: grey wagtail on branch above waterfall,  coal tit flying above waterfall: beautiful demoiselle damselfly (iridescent blue body/tawny wings) over lake spur.

3)Cae Syrcas: family of starlings on mown grass. Flock of goldfinches went over.

4)bottom end of Cae Brwyn, female stonechat by newly laid hedging.


Jun 5th

Frances, Maud Jan, Gilly & Hazel.

There were 35 moths of 20 species. The most impressive were a Poplar Hawkmoth, an Elephant Hawkmoth, a Beautiful Golden Y, a Peppered Moth, a Blood Vein, a Clouded Border and a very large Buff Tip.

June 6th:

From Colin, Jean, Gary – putting out more signs in Cae Trawscoed Meadow but not a lot of change from last week.  The occasional butterfly orchid starting to flower.

The highlights from overnight on 12th June observed by Gilly, Maud, Hazel & Inger..

There were 52 moths of 23 species. The rarest one was the Cream-bordered Green Pea noted by Inger. There was also another rare find – a Ghost Moth, We also had 2 Elephant Hawkmoths, a Peppered Moth, a Snout, a Gold Spot a Burnished Brass, a Clouded Border,2 White Ermine & 4 Buff Ermine.

14th June from Peter

Spiders at Pont Felin Gat Bridge


17th June 2023 Vicky, Julian, John and Colin

Pipistrelle Bat survey at the Stable Block

Warm mostly dry night.

Started count 9am


First sight 9.46

Finished 10.20 due to rain

Bats flew from several exits.

No: 162 in total.


18th June from Peter – Lots of Butterflies on the slope from the GGH to the lake.