11 Jan 2024

Two years of Nordic Walking

Catrin Nordicymru

Nordicymru celebrates two years of instructing Nordic Walks at the Botanic Garden. You might have seen me walking around with my poles, rain or shine. My name is Catrin and I qualified as an instructor with British Nordic Walking in the Autumn of 2021. 

The pandemic had a lot to answer for, not least a change in my personal mindset and lifestyle. Having spent too much time in front of my desk, I decided I needed to change my work-life balance and get outdoors in nature and move more. 

Being a keen skier and walker, I was naturally drawn to find out more about Nordic Walking. It did not disappoint. I had never identified as a ‘sporty person’ before, so you can imagine how amazed I was not only to find a form of exercise that I could do but also one that I could, in time build on and challenge myself on what I want to. 

Add to that the huge benefits of Nordic Walking including having a full body workout and less impact on the joints, and I was hooked. Ultimately this led me to complete the INWA (International Nordic Walking Federation) instructor course with British Nordic Walking, and Nordicymru – my own small business instructing Nordic Walking right here in West Wales was born. 

One of my passions in promoting Nordic Walking is not only about the physical benefits, the benefits to mental health and wellbeing are huge. So why not give it a try in the beautiful surroundings of the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Visit www.nordicymru.com for further information and for the full calendar of classes.