12 Mar 2024

Live Well Growers Get Shady

Amy Henderson

There were lots of little conversations about turning the overgrown shady space by the stream into a place for relaxation, reflection and general contemplation.  Various people wondered variously in there to think about various options but let’s just say shovels did not really hit the ground.

But one day Jo quietly took herself into the overgrowth of nettles and brambles with a pair of secateurs and began the task of taming nature in order for The Live Well Growers to have our quiet space. (Otherwise possibly known as the  Zen Den, Relaxation Zone, Thinking Place and other options that a WhatsApp poll has attempted to decide) 

Others joined the effort.  Mike and Kevin replaced the slippery planks posing as a makeshift path.  Clive and others borrowed wood chips from the stores to create an amazing bordered wood chip and non-slip path.  Thanks to the horticulture team at the Botanic Garden who gave us the wood chips and placed 2 hugely heavy but very beautiful blocks of solid wood for natural seats.  Others tramped in and out and someone repurposed a large wooden wheel hub from the skip into a table for ..well lots of things but mainly cuts of tea!!  

There was more cutting, hacking, pulling and shaping.  Edges were tidied, land levelled, stones removed and it’s now really very lovely. Kevin brought birdfeeders and we can see garden birds flying in and out and one little Robin (Kevin’s special friend) even eating from his hand. Two little china ducks rescued from the skip nestle next to the stream among the pebbles and it’s hard not feel a sense of loveliness and warmth when you look at them. 

All in all a huge achievement by members of the Live Well Growers group who can now use this space to have some time out and an amazing  gift for future members to enjoy,