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  1. Totally Wired: Christmas Decorations

    Join us in the Glasshouse at The National Botanic Garden of Wales for a unique opportunity to work with Julia Griffiths Jones.

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  2. Exhibition: Of Foresters, Farmers and Fish – Tales from the Wildwoods of the Old and New World

    This international art-geoscience print exchange explores culture-nature ambiguities from a New and Old-World perspective, by bringing together artists and scientists from Australia and Wales.

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  3. Exhibition: Joie De Vivre

    Flower Inspired Fabrics, Wallpaper and Paintings by Genevieve Caminade

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  4. Makers Guild Wales Christmas Show

    Celebrating the festive season with a selection of contemporary craft made by members of the Makers Guild Wales

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  5. Garden blogs

    Living the seasons

    In our modern world we can easily sit and miss the changing seasons, only to step outside one bright sunny day and realise summer has finally arrived and it’s time to reach for the sun cream. This is a very different story to the lives of our forefathers. Life was lived in concert with the […]

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  6. Garden blogs

    Loving Lichens – A simplified introduction

    Lichens – those strangely coloured crusty\hairy\mushy organisms on trees or rocks. What are they and what are they for? I want to know, but where do I begin? This is a path I’ve started on many times over the years, perhaps getting as far as Wikipedia or even pulling out one of my old ID […]

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