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    Weather Observations

    March 1st 2016 The warmest meteorological winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) since records began in the 17th century, largely down to a record-breaking December – and November was also a couple of degrees warmer. In addition to that, December was totally frost-free and it wasn’t until Jan 20th that we had the first real frost and […]

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    Two and a half years

    Feb 26th 2013 – Sept 4th 2015. When we first started out over two and a half years ago we didn’t know how our walks would work out or indeed how often we would be able to do them. Fortunately John had chosen the best morning of the week and ‘Tuesday morning weather’ has become […]

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    Lake Dipping

    June 30th, July 7th 2015 and July 8th: The last Tuesday of the month and another pollination day. This time the weather was quite warm though we still didn’t find many bees! But a big thanks to all who helped in this very interesting and potentially valuable project. The following Tuesday the weather cleared up […]

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    Refugia, Moths and Wildflowers

    June 23rd and 28th: Unfortunately the Moth trap battery wasn’t charged, so no Moths on the 23rd. However, it was put out in time for the Wild Flower day and, as can be seen from the photos below, this gave the best yield of the year so far. In the absence of Moths we opted […]

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    Waun Las Hay Meadow

    June 16th 2015: There are several ways to get to the Hay Meadow in Waun Las; walk there, which is what Howard and Chris did; or take the car unload Jan at the gate and park in Allt Goch as Keith did; or take a car to Pantwgan and walk from there. The latter, as […]

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    Moths and Orchids

    June 9th 2015: Last Saturday Richard Pryce led a group from the Carmarthenshire Wildlife Trust on a very enjoyable and informative Wild Flower walk in the Waun Las Hay Meadow. It was still a little early for the Butterfly Orchids to be in flower, but we did see quite a lot of them in bud. […]

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