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    Solitary bees and where to see them

    When someone mentions bees to you, a honey bee or a bumblebee probably comes to mind. However, there are lots of other bees buzzing about, often unnoticed.

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    The world through an insect’s eyes

    Have you ever wondered why bees have two sets of eyes, or why dragonfly eyes meet on top of their head?

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    My first three months at the Garden

    I’ve already written a couple of blog posts, but I thought I should introduce myself! I’m Katie, and I’m a placement student based in the Science Centre. I’m here for ten months as part of my Biology degree at the University of York. Whilst I’m here, I will mainly be involved in the Saving Pollinators […]

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    Gardening for hoverflies

    When you hear about pollination, it’s likely that you think about bees first. However, hoverflies are also very effective pollinators, and are as good as collecting pollen via the hair on their bodies as bees1. However, hoverflies are not only important in pollination! They can have other roles in ecosystems, as some hoverflies can recycle […]

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    The importance of flowering ivy (Hedera helix)

    First of all, it is an important source of pollen and nectar for pollinators in autumn. When a lot of flowering plants are starting to die off in late summer, ivy starts to produce yellow/green, strong-smelling blooms, so pollinators that are still on the wing use it to forage. Late-flying butterflies, such as Red admirals […]

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