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    The importance of dandelions – are they really a weed?

    The humble dandelion. Sniffed at by many as an irritating weed, it is a common feature of gardens and road verges at this time of year. With its bright yellow petals cheering up my garden, does it really deserve to be shunned out as a weed? I think it is time we gave this under-rated […]

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  2. Garden blogs

    Seed mixes for wild pollinators: a project update

    Lucy Witter, a PhD student based at the National Botanic Garden of Wales gives an update on her research project which is investigating annual flowering seed mixes for wild pollinators

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    Plants for pollinators – creating pollinator friendly seed mixes for gardens and urban green spaces

    Meet Lucy Witter, one of our new PhD students creating pollinator friendly seed mixes at the Botanic Garden.

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