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    A Tribute to Rob Jolliffe

    A tribute to the Garden’s retiring Head of Trustees, Rob Jolliffe

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    Conserving woodland structure

    Managing the Woodlands Thinning is an important element of woodland management, it allows light to reach the forest floor, encouraging a more diverse ground flora and allowing small trees and coppice regeneration to establish a varied understory. Those trees which are left are able to extend their canopies and develop into larger trees. Our dormice […]

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    Living the seasons

    In our modern world we can easily sit and miss the changing seasons, only to step outside one bright sunny day and realise summer has finally arrived and it’s time to reach for the sun cream. This is a very different story to the lives of our forefathers. Life was lived in concert with the […]

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    Patriarchal Paradigms?

    On the 24th and 25th of November 2018 there will be a weekend of talks, walks and exhibitions celebrating the roles and experiences of Middleton Women.

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    It’s Just Magical

    Volunteer Pam Murden has helped to make Fairy Wood a must-see for families this Easter

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    Cows, riots and prejudice: A not so peaceful landscape

    At first, I thought a quick read through may shed light on farm management at the time. However, it quickly became apparent that Thomas’s letters open up a whole world of comedy, adventure and intrigue

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