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    Pesky Wasps!

    The Bees are still foraging like mad whenever they get the chance. This week we noticed lots of different colours of pollen going in and the bees were very busy bees!

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    The sun is out but is there trouble in store?

    Botanic beekeeper Lynda Christie plots a treatment programme to boost the bees and help our hives

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    Wildflower Highlights – Great Burnet

    This distinctively tall wildflower might be declining across Wales but it’s thriving on our Waun Las NNR.

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    Volunteer for Nature

    Help the environment and people’s well-being! Is this something you want to be involved in? We are looking for volunteers that want to get closer to nature and help others to do the same. Our exciting project needs help enhancing green-spaces in the Swansea Bay area. Our aim is to transform underused outdoor areas into […]

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    Unite and Prosper! by Lynda Christie

    Solving the problem of a queen-less colony We always need to have a reason for opening and disturbing the bees. The main aim this week is to assess if colonies need to be given more boxes, to process the nectar flow and make honey stores. If we already know that the colony is ‘queen right’ […]

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    A new assurance scheme for pollinator-friendly plants

    Many people have been spending more time in their gardens lately and you may have noticed what an amazing variety of wildlife visits our gardens.

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