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    The Fortunes of The Nabobs

    by Fiona Spear, member of the History Research Group  William Paxton is often described as a nabob. Not the most flattering of descriptions, the term nabob was used to describe ex-East India Company (EIC) servants, from modest backgrounds, who returned home to Britain very rich. The word had a pejorative connotation to it. Nabob was […]

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Beechams Pills

    Bob reveals the 19th-century origins of this wonderdrug and finds some terrible poetry to illustrate its benefits

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    Live Well Growers – Paula’s perspective

    Paula’s been enjoying the wildlife

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    Apothecary Anecdotes – Acker Bilk and the Wooden Cash Register

    Even the wooden cash register has a story to tell.

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    Apothecary’s Anecdotes: Carmarthen, Enrico Caruso, and a modern Welsh singer

    A packet of cough lozenges leads Bob to discover a link between the Great Caruso and a pharmacy in Carmarthen.

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    Hello.  We are the Live Well Growers. 

    The National Botanic Garden of Wales supports a range of green health projects that you might not know about. The Live Well Growers is a great example.

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