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    Naming Our Fields

    Over the past year, we’ve put a name to every field on Waun Las NNR.

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    You are what you eat: our ongoing honey bee research

    The Garden is using its hives and vast horticultural resource to investigate the foraging preferences of honey bees.

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    Beatrix Potter – mycologist extraordinaire

    There is far more to Beatrix Potter than Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and Squirrel Nutkin. She was an outstanding artist, a noted conservationist… and a significant scientist in the field of mycology

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    Welcome to the Next Generation of Grazers

    I’ve just been over to look at the lambing sheds on our Waun Las NNR.

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    Weather Observations

    March 1st 2016 The warmest meteorological winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) since records began in the 17th century, largely down to a record-breaking December – and November was also a couple of degrees warmer. In addition to that, December was totally frost-free and it wasn’t until Jan 20th that we had the first real frost and […]

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    Fabulous hedgerows on a Welsh country walk

    At the Garden you can enjoy a Welsh country walk and spot some of the delights I saw on my walk and much more.

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