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    Wallace Garden Wildflower Mix

    The central bed of the Wallace Garden has been seeded with wildflowers from around the world. Photo by Carl Stringer. July 29th 2013

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    Voles, Mice and Shrews

    Over the previous weekend Michael, with the aid of Iwan, Cameron and Simon,  had been setting up Longworth small mammal traps in various places around the Garden.  They were baited to start with but left open as the idea was to get the animals used to them.  These lightweight aluminium traps are  designed to capture […]

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    The Magnificent 7 – ‘Great Gardens of West Wales’

    Seven breathtakingly beautiful gardens in West Wales have come together to promote their magnificent gardens to visitors. West Wales is already famous for its outstanding beauty, history and coastal scenery. Great Gardens of West Wales now offer privileged access to a group of internationally important gardens and plant collections located in this exquisite part of […]

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    Tree Science Blog 1

    Several Masters students from Swansea University are using the Garden as a base for the research this summer. One of them, Millie Watts, has written a blog about her project which is using oak tree core samples to investigate climate change.

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    Orchids and Horse Flies

    Last Monday John, Howard and myself continued with the Butterfly Orchid count in the NorthTrawscoed meadow, which is at the start of the Welsh Country Walk..  Unfortunately some of the marker poles that had been left behind the previous Tuesday had disappeared, so it took a while to work out the area that had already […]

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    Volunteer Blog July 2013

    A Little Learning So at last the summer has arrived and, as usual, we spent Tuesday at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.  Only this week wasn’t quite as usual because, apart from it being hot, hot, hot, we were there before 9.30am.  That’s unusual for us but I was going on a training course.  […]

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