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    Curator’s Blog October 2013

    Well it has been a fantastic summer an excellent growing year and a year where we have been able to get stuck in to all manner of tasks in the garden. Now it is raining the leaves are turning colour and the days are rapidly shortening; with the shorter days a flurry of short day […]

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    Tree survey

    The health of trees is a subject that has recently been in the news with the decision in to fell larch trees around the lake at Bwlch Nant-yr-Arian, near Aberystwyth, because they have been infected with a fatal tree disease, Ramorum.  Nearer home we were pleased to hear that the earlier reports of Ash dieback […]

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    Fun Amongst the Fungi

    When is a mushroom a mushroom? When is a toadstool a toadstool? I don’t know the answer so I looked in my dictionary and it said that “a toadstool is an inedible fungus with an umbrella shaped fruiting body, as distinguished from an edible mushroom”.  It also said that the name comes from Middle English, […]

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    Double dose of The Garden on the BBC

    Here are the BBC iPlayer links to the South Wales episode of Escape to the Country and the fascinating BBC2 Harvest programme, which both feature the Garden: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03b4zb7/Escape_to_the_Country_Series_14_South_Wales/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01f146g/Harvest_Vegetables_The_Goodness_of_the_Earth/ The ‘meaty’ bit about us on ETTC is 36 minutes in. Further episodes of Harvest, featuring the Garden, will be broadcast on BBC2 at 8pm on […]

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    Grebe chicks, Fungi and Freshwater Surveys

    The signs are that this will be a good year for fungi and during the past 3 weeks we have gradually been assembling a fine selection of photos, many of which we are uncertain as to their names.  Last week, above the waterfall in Pont Felin Gat on the section leading up to the bridge were […]

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    Chelsea challenge

    Award-winning designers Kati Crome and Maggie Hughes will reveal all about producing a medal-winning plot for Chelsea when they visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Thursday September 26. The pair, responsible for our ‘Get Well Soon’ garden at this year’s 100th anniversary RHS show, will be giving a talk – entitled ‘The Road to […]

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