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    Grebe chicks, Fungi and Freshwater Surveys

    The signs are that this will be a good year for fungi and during the past 3 weeks we have gradually been assembling a fine selection of photos, many of which we are uncertain as to their names.  Last week, above the waterfall in Pont Felin Gat on the section leading up to the bridge were […]

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    Chelsea challenge

    Award-winning designers Kati Crome and Maggie Hughes will reveal all about producing a medal-winning plot for Chelsea when they visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Thursday September 26. The pair, responsible for our ‘Get Well Soon’ garden at this year’s 100th anniversary RHS show, will be giving a talk – entitled ‘The Road to […]

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    Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that I walked around the National Botanic Garden and felt the rustle of spring in the air.  After the extreme heat of the summer I walked around yesterday and felt the stirrings of autumn.  Our journey to the Garden takes us along the M4 and already some of the […]

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    Dragon Tree Flowers for First Time

    Here’s BBC Wales report on the first flowering of our Great Glasshouse Dragon Tree. If you come to visit it, you’ll find a sign inside the Great Glasshouse to point it out. BUT you’ll probably smell it first – its beatutiful aroma is wafting over our Canary Islands, Chile and Meditteranean zones at the moment.

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    Tree Bumblebees

    The original intention last week had been to collect wild flower seeds from the Trawscoed meadow.  However, after much discussion, consultation with the manual and advice from our curator, Simon Goodenough, this idea was abandoned.  But not before we had kitted Bruce out as can be seen from the photo below.  The problems with the […]

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    Curator’s Blog – August 5th 2013

    The cycle of the seasons has always brought with it highs and lows in terms of garden display. For the first time in a number of years we have experienced enough summer heat for elements of the garden to take on a brown dry hue. Having instigated considerable amounts of new planting I had been […]

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